On this page, you can find informations and advantages of mydownloader services!

*General questions*

What is MyDownloader?

Mydownloader is a system which allows you to download files from wide range of filesharing services ( see all supported filesharing services below ) for the same price without signing up on these sites.

They support next filehosts:


oron.com – testing
hotfile.com – testing



1. Add your links for download and click “ADD LINKS”

2. When progress bar turns blue, check all links and in group operations click on get links!

3. Now, you will get premium links and you can put it in any download manager or download direct from mydownloader.

4. I use Jdownloader where I can put as much links as I want and all of them are with premium account!

Mydownloader is currently testing hotfile and oron, but for much better price you get all this hosters  and that is the best choice that I can recommend for all my visitors!

Do I need to register to use MyDownloader?
Yes, you need! When you get registerd you will get your personal account with 250MB for testing its service. You can simply use their program or download files through their website.

What are the advantages of MyDownloader?
You are paying only for their service but you get the opportunity to use all premium features from all supporting filehostings. Mydownloader download those files for you and then you download files from mydownloader. There is no need to pay all filehost premiums. You are downloading without waiting time, with maximum speed and of course you can multiple downloads.

What are myrapidlinks?
Myrapidlinks.com are not really links for downloading, they are here only to promote mydownloader.net and their services! After you click on myrapidlink you can choose will you download from mydownloader.net or classic way trough original filehost site.


What payment options do they accept?

First of all you should be registered , if not click here to do it!

You can use paypal and most of credit cards and buy premium on www.mydownloader.net main page!

Downloading trough mydownloader

How to download a file through MyDownloader?
You can download through the website. Just login into your account and put the link into appropriate field which you will find in your members zone.

How fast can I download the file?
Your downloading speed depends on a number of factors: mainly on your internet connection speed and the connection speed of your chosen filesharing service. The all supported filesharing services use high-speed servers in major data centres with plenty of bandwidth.

Can I resume broken downloads?
It depends on software being used. Downloads can normally only be resumed within a fairly short time period (less than an hour).

Is it safe to download the file?
Htey do not scan files for viruses, so they recommend that you check each file with an antivirus utility before accessing the file on your computer.

How many times can a file be downloaded?
A file can be downloaded an unlimited number of times.